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 Is your precious home once new but now messy and old?

Transform your home into the perfect dream home


Kids want their own room?
Parents need more elder care facilities?
Pet needs room to move around?

It seems the interior design of the past is unable to keep up with the modern generation, so do you want to renovate your outdated home? Do you want your dream home to be stylish, fashionable and luxurious, and also fulfill your daily needs?

To own the dream home of yours is actually much easier than you think! Costructor Ltd. is branded "The light luxury interior design expert" by customers. We are specialized in balancing gorgeous and light luxury style, injecting personalized design to meet the needs of each family member; highlighting the design style with exquisite details and high-quality materials to create a stylish and comfortable home. The greatly improved taste and quality of life are deeply loved by high-end residential customers.


Creating your dream home with
different variations of light luxurious styles

We excel in creating a light luxury style and incorporating different features to create your dream home.


  • Highly retractable designs allowing space to appear at an instance;

  • Simple design with smooth and bright materials, creating an elegant and noble style;

  • Extravagance is seen in the details, such as door hinges, rollers, and lines, all of which are meticulously detailed.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Replace artificial products with natural and harmless materials to minimize the harm to the environment and human body;

  • Ensure the use of environmentally friendly materials, with formaldehyde, moisture and mildew resistant functions;

  • The pursuit of quality materials and healthy living is the only way to live in peace and comfort.


  • We specialize in "Space Planning" and examine the actual environment to fabricate a perfect design;

  • We listen to the needs of our customers and create a plan for a cozy home that suits each family member according to the environment.

  • Through the moving mechanisms, we are able to create different partitions to meet different needs of life flexibly.


One-Stop Interior Design Service with Quality Assurance Certificates

Our full range of interior design solutions include interior design, fit-out work, cabinet design, and customized furniture. 

Our interior design team has over 20 years of experience in both commercial and residential projects. In which high-end private residential projects are the most popular because we are customer-oriented, constantly exploring new design concepts, boldly innovating, pursuing quality materials, and paying attention to every detail of design and quality of accessories; thus, we have received many industry accreditations.


Recent Awards

2022 HKPIDA - Certified by Hong Kong Interior Design Company


2021-2022 ISO 3 certification for two consecutive years

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management System

ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Safety and Health Management System


2020 " Most Valuable Company in Hong Kong - Excellence in Project Management, Cost-and-Quality Control and Customer Services".


3 major service promises

Clear workflow  

On-time delivery and handover
Practical and reliable service with reasonable price
Strict QC and quality assurance

Clear workflow  

Obtaining free quotation 

Revising quotation 


Drafting design


Project commencement


Monitoring the progress 


Completion and handover


Warranty and defects rectification


90% of the owners are satisfied with the services and results

Mrs. Lee,

 Residence Bel-Air

"We are very impressed with Ms. Poon, the designer. Even on holidays and weekends, she keeps track of the progress of the project and reports to us immediately, so that we can have the latest update of the situation. Also, Nomad provided us comprehensive support whenever we have questions about material purchasing."

Mr. Zhang,

Dynasty Heights

"The design team of Nomad is very professional and responsible, members within the team have excellent communication and coordination which allows the project to be completed on time. Not only they are very creative, they are also exceptional in time management."

Ms. Ng,


"We are very satisfied with the result of the design, which is 99% identical to the design draft. We are very grateful to the designer for his thoughtful design for each of our family members, and his professional attitude and rich experience made the design and renovation process very pleasant."


Get a free quote now!  

You can have your dream home and enjoy the light luxury and comfortable life with your family!

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